Who Are We?

We are SadoWado, LLC, an end-to-end eCommerce business solutions provider based in New York. Our mission remains simple – to bring products to new heights in e-commerce. If you have a product in mind, allow us to usher you in your journey as a vendor in the Amazon space, other marketplaces and the Web. From supply chain, to listing optimization, to getting that 5-star review, we know how to do it. Our private-label brands speak for themselves.


The WOW That Started Everything

Officially incorporated in 2010, our journey in e-commerce just began in 2013. It was during this year that we stumbled through how to sell our first product in Amazon. Eventually, we got our first review entitled, “WOW.” From that moment, we were hooked on how to deliver happiness to more customers. We wanted to scale the process and continue to provide WOW at scale. We searched high and low for a system that can source new products, package and brand them, sell them online, and connect our suppliers to our operations. None existed. We’ve had our share of defeats and failures, but those are the very reasons why we are now experiencing growth, triumphs, and victories.

Today, we have expanded our territory, built a great team, grown our private-label brands, and helped others along the way. We have also managed to bag a few awards:

Top Exclusive Amazon Seller
Top 10 Amazon 3P Category Seller
Top Vendor Central Supplier

We’ve cracked the code, to say the least – and we want let you experience sweet victories … without having to go through the failures that we went through.


What We Do

We do Amazon Marketplace strategy and optimization, and we do it well.

Our team specializes in supporting the Amazon ecosystem and our clients within it. We have years of experience engaging with Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, advertising platforms, conversion rate optimization, channel management, and more to help you drive sales. Our team dives deep to clean up and enhance our partners’ marketplace presence through ASEO (Amazon Search Engine Optimization) of written content, visual content, and user generated content such as product reviews. Through our price monitoring analytics we work with brand partners to enforce MAP and eliminate non-compliant resellers. We align our brand partners’ best interests with ours and put our money where our mouth is.